Wednesday, 15 January 2014


flee with thy life if thou fearest oppression
and leave the house to tell its builder"s Fate
For Thou wilt find for the land thou losest,another,
but thou wilt never find another soul to replace thine own
poem                                                                              1
the seed lies
 soaked in experience
listening intently
for the moment
that would kindle it to sprout into
leafy life.
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb        (2002)
                                     IDD_WINGS                                    14
Lord, they say,Thou espy Thy children play
And I deem Thou markest the score
But how many are gay?
Is it then no more
The game?
With Thee
Let me shout, claim
For Law and for Beauty
Though this day I fain, praise Thy name
There sighs many a sob within most heavy,

Lord they say ,Thou art more just than kind
Who with unshut eyes see through all
But when shall ye them find?
Will there be no fall
  of light?
With Thee
Let me stand ,fight
Against the horrid glee
Of rocky cloud sand stealthy night,
This day to see those souls flutter and flee!

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The Rancour

RANCOUR                                  2
Full gl;ad was she to blush
from bud she longed to bloom
she fancied much and fancied long
to flutter in the morning breeze
to ogle at the gallant bees.
 Full glad was she to blush
When butterflies thronged in a rush
Dwwp hwr red and purple petals
Sparkling her pollen and stout capux
A blithe Rose was she!
And her smile was cuckoo’s  song
And alluring as Arabian night
She hoped to give the world
All she had 0 and the word
Gave the rancour in return
EVERLASTING                                                              12
Jesus is love
Eden is where fulfilled
Shamelessly and became
Man and wife
Ever and for ever-----------------awarded prize in The QUEST Ranchi
=====================                                            10
Stars of the sky blink at you
For jealousy ranges so high
O bride of Jesus,
Flowers of the field fall and die
For jealousy is so low------                                
O Bride of Jesus ,
Honey in the hives of all bees breedet  worms

Is a voter willy nilly a voter?
He imperatively casts his votes,
And gets dated imperatives
Marked if necessary with financial codes.
He is interrogated either
In the police station or at the ‘meeting maidans’
And he himself raises none ,never
!he is properly ruled by statements
And fully fooled by exclamations!.
We sleep together like Night and Day
We never trespass iinto each others kingdom
And so every morning is
A good morning.------------
she thinks of things vegetable
Of  fish and meat,
Spinach ,coriander and mustard
I think of things combustible
Of Lebanon ,Palestine
And Aerofloat
Worlds apart we live
On the  same bed.             --------------------------------------------[1985]
We are neither the first
Nor the last to tread
up on the path of Love
and who hath not suffered
love or jealousy?
Or whose hopes not ever dashed?
And who has not dubiously
Sought after to find
What colour is the Soul?
Love is freedom
And divorce is fredom too.
Armed with
new knowledge of
Beauty and Truth
perhaps one day-Fate
will smile on  You---------    -------------------------------------------------[1990]
Precious chains
Nothing but chains
We’ll not lose chains
We’ll not even loose chains
We’ll be steady marching
A chain across the world,
A chain along the world
A chain around the world;
Chained is beautiful!
Beautiful  world of chains!
Chains zindabad-----------------------------------1990]
The artist
 My heat is a poet
Who wrote with his quill
Not a poem-----
But throbbed with every

                                                                                      PA SHAH NAWAZ KHAN